My name is Taylor James Gorder, I’m a producer with experience working on a diverse portfolio of game projects. I’m highly organized, a habitual note-taker, and passionate about the process behind game development. Since I began my education with a BA in Digital Media I have been striving to improve the ways we make games. I’m pursuing a Master’s of Science in Interactive Media from the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy at the University of Central Florida. Here I have learned extensively about what defines process and how it can be constantly improved. I am certified in managing projects as a scrum master. With my prior experience in advertising, numerous game projects, and a long history of leadership roles, I am eager to move forward into the industry I care so deeply to improve.

Beyond my time managing developers, I have a passion for creation. I enjoy programming unqiue mechanics, like my Excel-based platformer, XLNT, creating 2D art and graphic designs, and creating meaningful content, like my shortfilm JellyBean based of an F Scott Fitzgerald short story. I spend my free time world building for tabletop campaigns, painting, playing sports, or critiquing music and film.