Dead of Winter (Title pending) is an upcoming dynamic puzzle game set in a fantasy frozen taiga. The game features a suite of quirky settler characters each drawn towards utter chaos and self destruction. The player is tasked with navigating the social dynamics of their band of settlers to prevent their untimely deaths. To do this they must delegate problems to the proper individuals, and see to issues on their own to hopefully end the day with each of their settler friends alive and in tact. Release is expected for late July, and more information will be coming in the approaching weeks!

My role of this project is as the development director, or producer. I see to the work of our 15 developers to ensure there are no impediments to progress, and to find and eliminate inefficiencies. As a lead on this project I have gained incredibly valuable experience on managing large teams on-site. We have made adjustments to management structures, software, and schedules while minimizing loss of productivity. This project has been a very rewarding challenge, and Iā€™m excited for where it will lead moving forward.

For information about my extensive process analysis on meeting inefficiency within Studio Scrapbot, read my development blog post on the subject!