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TAYLOR GORDER | Development Director


MADHOUSE Pre-Alpha Update

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With the semester trudging along despite the rude interruption by Hurricane Irma, Madhouse has been an exhausting endeavor. Note that this development blog is about my roles, and my own growth through each project. The team behind Madhouse, Goliath Game Studios, has been great, and their work exceeds my expectations at every corner. I've personally learned a number of valuable lessons already, and it feels like a necessity to put them down in writing. 

Production documentation is tough! I consider myself fairly capable when it comes to organizational skills, and keeping track of myself throughout the course of a project. What I was not prepared for is keeping track of the eight other creators behind the project. The team moves at a wild pace, and keeping up with them while maintaining organizational habits is well beyond what I expected. However, through all of this, it's been an enjoyable, and I'm sure it will be a rewarding experience.

Audio is far more involved than I thought it could be. This semester I've dedicated myself to learning how to record and process audio to make deep interesting sound effects. Through this time I've learned how truly deep audio can go. Researching professional game audio has led to a world of interesting ways to get different sound effects synthetically. As we move forward, I'll certainly be diving deeper into this. 

Taylor Gorder