Taylor Gorder
TAYLOR GORDER | Development Director


Project MADHOUSE Begins

After a hiatus of artwork development, I've reclaimed my position as producer on this semester's Game Design Workshop project. Some clear challenges lay ahead of Goliath Game Studios (GGS) for this semester, but I'm confident we have the best team to tackle these.

This is my first time managing a team of this size, and certainly my first time organizing and tracking time expenditures at a consistent rate. It's already proving a more difficult task than I ever imagined, but serving as a conduit for the team to communicate, develop, and create is quite a satisfying experience.

Project Madhouse is an exciting project to move forward with. I plan to update with a development blog to better represent the goals for the experience at a later date, but at this point, we know Madhouse is to be a Horror-Suspense Puzzle game set in a mid 1900s asylum. The manifestation of this game thus far has the asylum itself as the driving factor. Concepts like asymetrical storytelling, sentience in setting itself, and the failings of memory are all to be present in Project Madhouse. We've taken inspiration from stories like The Shining, Pulp Fiction, and P.T. I think it's safe to say the team as a whole is quite excited to move ahead with this project. 

Taylor Gorder