Summit Dev Blog #01 – Maybe if I write about it, I’ll work on it

            Summit is an idea I’ve been tossing around for close to a year now. I’ve pitched it to two development teams in my time as a student, and both times the teams have chosen a different direction. The pitch was originally for a gripping emotional tale of a climber reaching the peak of a seemingly insurmountable mountain. This idea has shifted greatly in the recent months. I now plan on gearing Summit more towards an interactable audio play. While the ultimate goal remains, the context has been adjusted to address stigma about mental disabilities, mindfulness, and emotional well-being. This is a tall order, but a drive to represent the reality and complexity of emotional issues has been nagging at me for some time. I can’t let this idea slip through the cracks. I feel game developers, as artists, can address more difficult themes in interactive media than we are often willing to entertain within ourselves. Summit will be my attempt to manifest that drive.

            So I’ve created a plan, and in my months of putting this off I’ve managed to complete the one element of that plan. Wwise seems to be the best system to address the depth I hope to represent through Summit. Now the daunting next steps are facing me, and I couldn’t be more nervous and excited to start working. I’m happy to say with confidence that the writing process begins today. This will certainly be a time intensive process, and I’m unwilling to rush this project. That said, I expect a playable Chapter 1 (Vertical slice) completed by the end of June. I feel this gives me sufficient time to faithfully represent real issues and to address important topics through an interactive medium. This dev blog post is primarily for myself, by publishing this I’m taking a stance. I’m getting to work.