Taylor's Development Blog: Book Review Edition


            This is a far cry from my typical development blog post, but it’s too important to me to not address. Over this last winter I read a book called Creativity Inc. by Edwin Catmull and Amy Wallace. The book is about one of the creative minds behind Pixar. It traces through the growth of the company from inception to modern day.

            But the history lesson isn’t the reason the book resonated with me. Creativity Inc. addresses media production from a creative, and more importantly, a leadership standpoint. As a game developer, producer and writer I feel I learned a number of valuable lessons from the book. More specifically, I’m not one to highlight the books I read. Creativity Inc. is the exception to this. Immediately into reading I found myself highlighting something on every page.

            Catmull and Wallace present a production mentality I haven’t heard elsewhere. The idea that error prevention should be prioritized over all else comes under severe scrutiny throughout the book. While it wasn’t something I was particularly passionate about before reading, I find myself adjusting my own development and communication style in that direction.

            While I’m sure not every idea put forth holds its value outside of the Pixar ecosystem, learning in-depth leadership methods of other mediums, studios and teams is value enough in and of itself. I cannot suggest this book more for anyone going into a creative industry.