Madhouse is a horror suspense experience set in Lockwood Manor Mental Facility. The player investigates the mysterious disappearance of patient James Hyde, and nurse Rebecca Flynn. However, there's something sinister behind those walls. 

As producer in Madhouse I managed a team of nine through the project in addition to my design responsibilities. As a designer I wrote the script, recorded foley, implemented audio, and contributed to level/environmental design. As lead producer I created design and production documentation, tracked hours, and acted as server administrator. Juggling these tasks on such a short time frame taught me careful time management.

Working on Madhouse I learned extensively how to develop production documentation such as Gantt charts, burndown charts, high-level project schedules, and pipeline documentation. Additionally, working on Madhouse I was first exposed to Helix Perforce, and learned quickly how to administer a Perforce server using Amazon Web Services. I operated as scrum master throughout development and helped to work towards incremental releasable products.