Toys ‘N Tyrants was a great change of pace from my previous horror suspense project. The game is a top-down hack’n’slash adventure set in a child’s toybox! Featuring four compelling levels, three playable characters, and six unique enemies, Toys ‘N Tyrants proved to be a fun quirky adventure. Complete with a tale of absurdity and betrayal, the game never failed to earn a few laughs.

As producer on the project I worked with 13 remote, interdisciplinary developers to create this rag-tag journey. During this time I had my first experience with scope management and process analysis. About halfway through development the project was on the verge of going off the rails. To correct these issues I looked internally, identified scope risks and inefficiencies in our work flow, and worked to mitigate them. The ultimate product was a smaller more refined experience because of these adjustments.

Working on Toys ‘N Tyrants taught me valuable lessons about communication, team leadership, and understanding. I struggled extensively with collaborating on a team of remote developers. Despite these issues, Toys ‘N Tyrants was released and I learned a great deal about what it means to lead interdisciplinary teams, and more so, about organization. For more information about the struggles of this game, read my post mortem blog post.