XLNT is an educational platformer unique for its use of Microsoft Excel as both the level editor and the player input mechanism! In XLNT the player is faced with a platforming adventurer beholden to behave only in accordance with the environment around her. The player must, using the provided excel sheets, guide this character from start to finish collecting coins along the way. The project aims to teach young players the basics of navigating and creating content in Excel. The project is still under development, but an early version is available for download!

While this project did not require management expertise, it was a great opportunity for me to flex my programming experience in Visual Basic through Excel. I got the unique opportunity to program a game from scratch. Over the course of development I welcomed a wonderful level designer onto my team. Providing her with just the heavily programmed Excel workbook she was able to form 11 unique and compelling puzzles. On this project I learned a great deal about scripting through excel, triggering events through workbook events, and how truly powerful the tool can be. Additionally, on it’s initial release Microsoft Excel recognized the project on Twitter!